Friday, May 29, 2009

The Smitten Word

There is death in my Bathtub
And noodles in the Kitchen
The boy on the up and Up
Is getting me Down


you are so many different expressions as i could conjure up
and those red striped shoes make me cast a second look-
at the orange mutant bugs that are flying from your ears
goodness, it's a scary thing when you sit in the doorway


It's morning again, 
as it's always been, 
again and again and again
'til when?

I do the best
with all these questions 
in the void 
of someone's smell.

post candy

I'm a seven course junkie
with 200 to spare 
with a well lit bush
as my african flare
My half-broken glasses 
sit me in a fog, 
a frog
a new way of doing things 
to slow, 50's jazz
and a squeeze of lime
It's the blood in your eye
that makes me hot 
for a snow cone
on the 5th of July
Independent Betrayed.  

the end

i want to burn my fingers
i want to lick your lips
its sensory overload season
and all i can see is your pale tallness
seeping from my view

i skipped the meeting, 

i don't want to move up there
can't a woman be content 
sitting naked with her friends,
hanging on branches
in the allusion of a tow

we all know each other
dwell in each other's arms and beds
and the same kitchen table
we are the food that sustains us
and the sunshine in our throats

i'm a seadoo in your saliva,

swallow please
i'd rather be inside
but for now you are my think thumb
i'll write down the name of everyone i love, 
need, desire and collect them

in the corners of my skull,

morbid and lovely alive
write paint and sing to them
everyday, for because of them i.
you're close as grey
i feel you and you sound like

'hi, how are you?'


isn't it funny how cars are all the same
and people are all the same
and cars make the people
i mean, switch that
rain on my machine- 
parade Detroit, 
your airport is a 
tripfest '09


I want to grow my daisies in baba ganoush sprout a little conflict so I can make a truce and be a hero in your mind like I've never been I'll clear the cut gut the fish resurrect your kin


The end has ended
but none is gone
there's still some type of
backyard on my forever lawn

We're raking leaves
soon you'll check facts
and too you'll realize
that you were late in leaving

Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting Haiku

blahberry cobbler
25 fingers in you
sweet gloom in corners


tuna and pear trees
smell like early morning girl - 
weird and brown and green


spring came in the mail
the constant twist of lovers
keeps me up all night


daily intentions 
are a mutant, furry bird 
I share a nest with


tree, horizon milk
corporate wool over eyes
more like blood on oats


cigarettes tonight
in the trees, captain boy does
paint with two lovers

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lady Lira

Tonight is looming and gloomy in candlelight.
It's being born and remembering the channel to life.
Sky cry orange earth stormy doom-
makes me want to do something crazy.
The air is pumping with polka.
I am in love with the feeling.
Goodbye Lady Lira, you were the sweetest whore.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Baby, let's talk mirror talk

You're in front, I'm behind

Speak with your eyes

Speak with your mind


There are weeds behind your ears.
Did you hear me?
There are weeds behind your ears.

Monday, October 27, 2008

need, needy

I don't need in numbers -
warm hands and a soft face are the peasant's cream
Am I a queen to think I can save my people
on an empty stomach and a swollen heart?
By no means! Fill my cup and let's march on

I need because I was born from its table
and I will die in its troth

Friday, October 24, 2008

from something beyond

Every apocalypse you could ever imagine
is happening right now.

Is the camera happening tomorrow?

Yes, and it's at 2:00.
Slip in, shave your legs in, in vitro.

The phone book will be ready.


Enter the contest-
this is a contest.
There's a ton of money in it.
Lord of the Rings will ring for you-
bells of evil eat bells of good.
I'm leaving now, good is good.
I will be a non-racist.
Love everyone.
God knows you don't love me.

Potato spouts

Potato toes got the munchies.
It's late but he'll spout out soon.

the hole thing

Keys for every porch in America
in my hand, in my crazy hand.
I'm here, you're here but there,
on this porch of convention in a bleak whole,
listen to the hole thing.
The Beastie Boys have a new album -
it's all instrumental, not a single line
in the hole thing, 2 years ago.

School FOR the American

Sandwich and an Arnold Palmer,
South can't do it without a little sweet.
Hot in your esophagus and
cold in my stomach.
You're high, and well, I exist.
I'm cream for the peasant, and you-
the bell tolls for someone like you,
in a flash of light, in a bowl of fun.
Aren't we really free everyone?

house of hands

1 roach + 65
all you want is the simple life
give me revolution in a communist land
what you need is a flag in hand
and some dynamite...

That night you were "gone."

Defend your terrorist sheets
with a sock of blood.
Smoke 'em out,
Smoke your way to heaven.
You don't want me here,
and so I won't leave.
Leave me here and leave me choked.
Die for many or die for death.
I'll be the latter on the ladder.
Every day, sing a song
a song, a song, a rabbit song
in the trenches of Salvador-
the republic of blood and grits.
Grit your teeth for what you need-
clothes and shoes and forceful weeds.
Intellectual and very brave,
stop and go to miss the wave.

Monday, September 22, 2008

a friend said

let me ruffle your feathers, let me
shake what you stirred, the way
you are using is really absurd. in 2025,
when you see the sky, how high
will it be? will you be inside?
the bell rings at church, it's 5
past the 5; we're frying our feet
'cause the fish have all died.
i'm sorry to tell you, so sorry
to disturb, but the way you
are using is really just absurd.


You're an elephant in my shoes,
shelling nuts and sipping booze.
We're trying to fight for you, big mammal;
birdman, horseman, landman, camel.

But I can't do much for you with a crutch,
so next supper out, we're going dutch.
Until you get your act together,
you're just a big Dumbo

door to house to house to house

see whole life in door knob-
put it on like button in heart throb